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Year 6 Classify Polar Animals:

In Year 6 this week, we worked in pairs to create a classification key to lead to the identification of at least 6 polar animals. Many pairs used all 12 animals. We then tested out each others keys and if there were any problems then we explained the error.

6J Classify Polar Animals


Year 6 Make Stencils:

Year 6 Make Stencils


Year 6 Electricity Topic - Bulbs and Buzzers:

Year 6 Bulbs and Buzzers



Year 6 Bollywood Dancing:

Year 6 Bollywood Dancing




Year 6 Inuit Soap Carving: 

Year 6 Inuit Soap Carving


Year 6 Library Visit:

Year 6 Library Visit

 Year 6 Investigate Series Circuits:

Year 6 Investigate Series Circuits

 Year 6 Investigate the Heart:

Year 6 Heart

 In Year 6 as part of our topic on the circulatory system, Mrs. Jones drew a giant heart, we had pictures of the lungs and the body, and we then simulated the movement of blood through the heart. We used P.E. discs in red and blue to simulate the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, swapping the 'blood' over in the lungs (where oxygen is added) and the body (where oxygen is used up).