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"Sending wishes of health, wealth, and wisdom in the Lunar New Year"
Today in Pre-School the children have learnt and discussed about Chinese New Year. We watched a short clip about how its celebrated and what kind of traditions they do such as eat certain foods, wear certain clothes and display decorations within the households.
This year is the year of the Rabbit and the children have made their own pictures and have also created their own sculptures using the Chinese mats and playdough.

Preschool Once Upon 2


This term we will be starting our new topic of Once Upon a Time. This project supports children to develop a love of stories and reading. It encourages children to learn, retell and act out familiar and traditional tales including Cinderella, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff

" Fine motor exercises and activities to strengthen the fingers and helps with the hands"

As we are focusing on our new topic 'Once upon a time', this week in Pre-School the children have been developing their fine motor skills by practising their cutting skills, we have created our own ginger bread men, fairies, little red hen, and Goldilocks and the three bears.

Preschool Once Upon


During half term Pre-School children have created their very own space rockets for our new topic ' Starry Night'. We have had some marvelous creations and great imagination story telling. The children have enjoyed making their own role play with them in our very own Space Station.
What a fantastic day Pre-School have had! 🙂

WHPS Rockets


We have really enjoyed welcoming our parents and grandparents into our setting and exploring all our Traditional tales' activities. To end our session, we had a beautiful story ' The Three Little Pigs' read by Mrs Mayo. Thank you again for your continued support!

Pre School Open Day

 Bumblebees & Caterpillars 'The Hungry Caterpillar'

 This week Pre-School have been busy bees learning in all areas of the environment.

We have been focusing on the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and have created our very own caterpillars and butterflies on our creative table. We have been developing our pencil control by focusing and concentrating on following the lines provided on the mark making sheets. In our outside environment Bumblebees and Caterpillars have been using their imagination in the mud kitchen and making their own mud pies. Yummy.

We have loved exploring the ice blocks with the Autumn artefacts in the water tray, the children had lots of great answers about how the ice feels and what happens to the ice. The children have also been enjoying independent reading with our new traditional tales story books.

What a fabulous week we have had, well done Pre-School.

Bumblebees & Caterpillars Hungry


Autumn Nature Exploration

This week in Pre-School the children in Bumblebees and Caterpillars have enjoyed exploring their findings of Autumn nature objects such as leaves, twigs, pine cones, acorns etc. We have really enjoyed exploring them within our classrooms. The children have been so proud and loved explaining what they have found on their adventures over the weekend. We have had many different findings including a baby pumpkin. We have spoke about where they were found, what they feel like, there colours and smells.
Here are a few photos of our exploring 🙂

PreSchool Recent News Photos 2


' The Rainbow Fish' and 'The Ginger Bread Man'

Pre-School Caterpillars and Bumblebees have been exploring two different story books - ' The Rainbow Fish' and 'The Ginger Bread Man'. Both classrooms have enjoyed learning with activities based around the stories.

PreSchool Recent News Photos 1

 The children have mark maked with different materials creating their very own ginger bread man and role playing their own story.

Within the Rainbow fish the children have continued making relationships and turn taking when taking part in the picture matching game.

The children have also been exploring other areas such as emptying and filling jugs in the water using pipettes, exploring with magnets to find locks and keys on the tinkering table.

Meet Ted the Bear!

Good afternoon Parents/Carers,

Pre-School would like to introduce Ted the bear.

Ted will be sent home on a Friday with his bag and journal for an adventure at your homes over the weekend. We kindly ask you to look after Ted and share any special adventures or moments shared at home with your friends and family.

Thank you

Pre-School staff