West Hill Primary School



Welcome to Ants class! 

Here is a list of current practitioners in the room: 

Mrs Mayo Miss Pearce (Manager)

Ants Class is the Pre-School’s 2 year old’s room. We work on a 1 (staff member) to 4 (Children) ratio this allows us to monitor the children while also allowing them to become independent learners. Each child has a Key Worker to whom both child(ren) and parents/carers can feel confident to talk to and be with.

A staff member is always available to talk to and will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries that you might have about your child(rens) learning or development.

 In Ants Class

In Ants Class we focus on the Prime Areas of Learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). They include; Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (C&L) and Moving and Handling (MH). We believe that if a child is exposed to these Prime Areas of learning they are then able to develop as young, excitable and confident learners. We look at creating a welcoming and comfortable environment where both children and Parents/Carers feel happy and safe.

We use a child-led method of exploring where we follow the child’s interests and then scaffold their learning at their pace. We understand each child is different and will learn in different ways to their peers; this is something we will always take this into consideration.

How we learn

In Ants Classroom we have working walls, these are one between key worker(s) and they’re there to help show off the children’s wonderful work! Having a large photograph of each child’s face on the boards allows them to notice where their work is. The children can choose what work goes onto the boards and they are often very proud of what they have created. On Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s the children have planned activities that they can choose to involve themselves in. The activities are always varied and are based on the children’s age and stage abilities. They are focused around the Prime Areas of Learning so could include; mark-making, collaging or circle time activities to help with speaking and taking turns. Each child is given a realistic target to focus on throughout the week. This could be ‘to become more aware of the feelings of others’ or ‘to hold mark-making tools in a four finger grasp’. It is a target that their key worker will help them with and once achieved a new one will be created.

Our Daily Routine

The use of a consistent daily routine is something that the children find comforting. The children have sitting spots that match their peg pictures; they know that during self-registration they are expected to sit quietly on their spot with their legs crossed (if they are able to). The children enjoy the use of routine and will remember what occurs when throughout the day. The children get lots of opportunities to be outside in a variety of weathers and use our two gardens. During free-flow the children can choose to learn outside where they can mark-make on a giant chalk board, create towers using large Duplo or even mix mud pies in our outdoor kitchen! The climbing frame allows the children to learn to move in a variety of ways as well as safely taking risks. It is also a perfect stage to recreate some of our favourite stories such as ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.