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Tuesday 2nd June 2020 

Guidance/Letter for Parents/Carers on Re-Opening of School

for Pre-School (3/4 s), Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 on 1st June 2020 - View Here

 Leadership & Teacher Email Addresses - View Here

Group Information for Pre-School parents/carers on Monday 1st June - View Here

Open letter to parents/carers from Staffordshire County Council regarding the opening of schools - View Here

**New This Week** - Summer Reading Challenge Launches 05/06/20

Science Investigations Week 3 - Week 10

Online Parent Wellbeing Programme Information

 First News 29-4th June


School Response to Prime Ministers Statement on 10th May 2020 - View Here

Information for Parents:
Please click on the links below to access your child's Key Stage Learning Plan. In addition, please remember to scroll down for links to maths, English and wider school curriculum with some exciting Home Learning Websites!

Home Learning for Pre-School


(Please note this section mirrors the rest of the school, underneath are the older links if required)

Week 8 - View Here

Week 9 - View Here

Week 10 - View Here

Week 11 - View Here

Pre-School Home Learning Activities - View Here

Pre-School Maths Games - View Here

Pre-School On-Line Activities - View Here

 Important Message for Pre-School Parents - View Here


   Home Learning for EYFS 



Week 1 - View Here

Week 2 - View Here

Week 3 - View Here

Week 4 - View Here

Week 5 - View Here

Week 6 - View Here

Week 7 - View Here

Week 8 - View Here

Week 9 - View Here

Week 10 - View Here

Week 11 - View Here

 EYFS You Tube Video Ideas - View Here 

Home Learning for Y 1/2 


Week 1 - View Here

Week 2 - View Here

Week 3 - View Here

Week 4 - View Here

Week 5 - View Here

Week 6 - View Here

Week 7 - View Here

Week 8 - View Here

Week 9 - View Here

Week 10 - View Here

Week 11 - View Here

Home Learning for Y 3/4



Week 1 - View Here

Week 2 - View Here

Week 3 - View Here

Week 4 - View Here

Week 5 - View Here

Week 6 - View Here

Week 7 - View Here

Week 8 - View Here

Week 9 - View Here

Week 10 - View Here

Week 11 - View Here

Home Learning for Y 5/6



Week 1 - View Here

Week 2 - View Here

Week 3 - View Here

Week 4 - View Here

Week 5 - View Here

Week 6 - View Here

Week 7 - View Here

Week 8 - View Here

Week 9 - View Here

Week 10 - View Here

Week 11 - View Here

**This Weeks On-Line edition of First News  29th May - 4th June 2020  - View Here

Miss Glover's Year 6 SATs Paper for her pupils - Year-6-SATs-Paper-Quiet-Please

 If you decided to have a go at the SATs lockdown paper, you will find the answers on this link. Feel free to email Miss Glover to let her know your result! - View Here


National Book Tokens Short Story Competition & Chance to Win Book Tokens for West Hill

Announcing a short story competition for all our budding writers age 6+:

 Now more than ever is a time for imagination. While our world changes, every day people are finding new, creative ways to tell stories and spread joy. Now is the time to find comfort and inspiration in unbelievable words, extraordinary adventures and magical encounters with big friendly giants and tiny talking spiders. Now is the time to dream. All you have to do is write a story of up to 300 words, using the theme BIG DREAMS and enter it on this website before 28th May.


We can't wait to read all these big dreams!

Also: **Chance for West Hill to win £50000 of Book Tokens** - please follow the link below:



Author Luke Temple Book, Activity & Competition



For Years 3-6 

Friend and inspiring author, Luke Temple, has been in touch and given you all the opportunity to  read one of his books for free - 'Felix Dashwood and the Mutating Mansion'.   For our talented, aspiring authors, there is also a writer's toolbox (Please see links below). 

Luke tells you all his secrets to write a successful story and the chance to enter your story into a competition organised by him. You can find everything on the Home Learning Platform. 

Message from Mrs Preston (English Lead):

I would love to read your finished versions so send them to school if you can or bring them back to school when we all meet again. Happy writing everyone - I know your stories will be awesome!

Felix Dashwood and the Mutating Mansion - View here

Luke Temple's Writing Toolbox - View Here


This site (White Rose Home Learning) gives a tutorial video, then child activities followed by answers for Parents! Please click on the link below to see the White Rose Home Learning for Parents: whiterosemaths.com/homelearning 

imoves Dice Challenge - View here

The Dice Challenge 🎲 will not only help your children with maths skills such as subitising and multiplication, but it also keeps them active too!


Cornerstone Curriculum Resources

Each week, Cornerstones (our curriculum topic provider used in school) will release a set of Big Idea challenge cards.

These are enjoyable, purposeful tasks that children can do independently or with family members while learning from home.  Please click on the link below for more information:


Week 1: 



Week 2:



Week 3: 



Week 4: 



Week 5: 




BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have  daily lessons across the whole curriculum starting today on their website.  'School shut? We’re bringing you fun stuff to do and learn every weekday.'



 Please click on the link below for enjoyable activities, designed by teaching professionals for families to do at home with their children. 





Science Investigations - View Here



YouTube Link for Letters and Sounds  Daily Phonics Lessons - View here 


Please search : 'Mr MC Daily Phonics'  on  YouTube

(This will need adult supervision as advertisements will start before the phonics session)




Please see the link below for some daily art challenges to help with your Home Learning:

Daily Art Challenges - View Here


PE Ideas



Please search :

'PE with Joe Wicks body coach' on  YouTube

(These  will need adult supervision as advertisements may start before PE session and your child will require a safe, clutter free place to exercise in.)

Please click on the link below to see - WMSD - Exercise Classes:



Please click on the pdf link below for a PE ideas timetable for parents and an opportunity to take part in a Speed Bounce competition!

PE Timetable Week 1 - View Here

PE Timetable Week 2 - View Here

Languages - Spanish



This site allows you to choose your language, purpose for learning and daily schedule according to your personal choices. This can be downloaded as a free app.





(please enter your login details as supplied in your Home Learning packs)



Message from Entrust Music Service:

As the music service is not currently visiting schools as normal, we wanted to help spread the positive messages about why music and music education is brilliant and to signpost parents to our schools, to register interest in lessons for 2020/21. 

 Today we have launched the first in a series of ‘isolation orchestra’ videos which will eventually include music service staff, school music leads and pupils, this video starts with some of the music service team and is the start of a weekly feature on our social media sites as well as on YouTube. See link below: 


 Email:  john.callister@entrust-ed.co.uk

 www.entrust-ed.co.uk | www.themusicpartnership.org.uk


Creating Music at Home:

This resource includes composing activities for children and young people that they can do at home with or without instruments. The activities are all inspired by or linked to existing pieces of music.  Activities will be added each week. Upcoming themes include: sounds in the house and garden, superheroes and graphic scores. 



 Resources, Support & Information



OnLine Parent Wellbeing Course/Programme - View Here

Website Link for IDL - View Here 

Link to NatWest MoneySense - View Here

 CAMHS Resources - View Here

(This site was created for young people, carers and professionals to pool together lots of helpful resources from across the internet that are available to help support your mental health and well-being.)


National Schools Partnership 'Glass Guardians': for Home Learning plans/Information and Competitions - View Here

 Children's Mental Health Story: Lucy's In Lockdown - View here

 Lucy's In Lockdown Free eBook to Order - View here

Story Time With Your Teacher - View Here

Mindfulness Activities and Colouring - View Here

Helplines and Websites for Parents - View Here

Support Agencies & SLT Information For Parents - View Here

Parents-Tips-for-School-Closure - View Here

Leadership & Teacher Email Addresses - View Here

SEND Resources 

The World has Turned Upside Down - View here

(Coronavirus and lockdown have turned the lives of children and their families upside down.  

Routine, structure and predictability have been thrown out the window and every day brings uncertainty. 

We have partnered with best-selling children’s author Kes Gray and renowned illustrator Chloe Batchelor to create a story that explains lockdown to children. 

This wonderful story highlights the impact of recent changes and uncertainty on autistic children - but the experiences will resonate with all families. )

Autism Outreach Team have produced a booklet suitable for Upper Key Stage Two Pupils ( Years 5 and 6) to help with feelings during this time:

It's Not Fair! - View Here

Specialist Autism Coronavirus Resources - View Here


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