West Hill Primary School

Digital Leaders

Hello!  We are West Hill’s Digital Leaders and our job is to offer advice and tips on how to stay safe online and to report any worries or concerns you have to the school management team.  In the near future, we also hope to be trained as mini computing technicians -   to help sort out any IT problems!

Just Swiggle it!
Don’t Google it!
Stay safe online!
And you’ll be fine!

Please see the links below:

Parent Information Leaflet on Games and Social Media

Digital Leader General Information and Swiggle it!

Our Digital Leaders Are:


1D - Jacob 
1M - Betsy 
2J - Curtis 
2T - Logan 
3GL - Matthew 
3JL - Charlie 
4F - Callie 
4P - Bethany 
5J/S - Corey-Leigh 
5N - Chloe 
6G - Alice 
6P - Lucas 


 Ofsted quote:

Pupils take an active role in promoting ways to stay safe. I was particularly impressed by the school’s use of digital leaders.  These pupils work alongside their peers and promote ways in which all pupils can stay safe online.  As one pupil remarked: ‘Doing this role has made me realise how important it is to know about online safety.’