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Year 5


Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview for ParentsHere is a link to our Transition leaflet which contains information including session times and staff (please scroll down for 5N): 

Transition Leaflet - 5J

Amended Timetable 

West Hill Primary will be operating an amended timetable during covid-19 restrictions to provide a safer environment for all.

 Your teacher in September will be Mr. Seale.

 Class 5J

School start: 8.55 am

School finish: 3.35 pm

Drop-off point:

Y6 Gate, enter through the Y6 building main door.

Collection point:

Y6 Gate, exit through Y6 building main door. 


Transition Leaflet - 5N

Amended Timetable 

West Hill Primary will be operating an amended timetable during covid-19 restrictions to provide a safer environment for all. 

Your teacher in September will be Mr. Nesbit. 

Class 5N 

School start: 9.00 am

School finish: 3.40 pm

 Drop-off point:

Y6 Gate, enter through the library door.

 Collection point:

Y6 Gate, exit through the library door.



Mr Nesbitt:

 Class Teacher

Mrs Jones (Cover Mr Seale)

 Class Teacher

Mrs Beale (Cover Thursday 5J)  Class Teacher
Mrs Harrison

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Robson

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 5!

A big hello to you from all of us in the Year 5 Team, where our aim is to challenge and discover.

In Year 5 we study a diverse array of ‘Cornerstones’ topics (one per half term), all linked in to the National Curriculum, across all subject areas. Although we have a key text for each topic, we also have an extensive ‘extra-reading list’ which will be made available for explorers to find out more beyond school time. 

Autumn 1: Allotment

In our first term, we’re learning about food!

Where it comes from, how it’s grown and what we can do with it. From fruit and vegetables grown in small scale allotments to key crop plants grown across the world, we’ll learn loads about plant biology, nutrition, cooking and geography. Our text is the classic novel ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which we use as inspiration to write our own fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Autumn 2: Pharaohs

After half term, we go back in time to the mysterious, shifting sands of Egypt.

We learn about their gods, their beliefs and their way of life, with a gruesome mummy or two thrown in along the way… We explore the beautiful geography and amazing history in depth and use social, economic and cultural aspects of this amazing civilisation to inform our writing.

Spring 1: Alchemy Island

After Christmas, we explore the world of science (across physics, chemistry and biology) and it’s relationship with what people may have perceived as magic… with the help of a certain boy wizard. Needless to say, we’re really excited about this topic, we’re keeping it quiet and think it’s a great welcome back surprise!


We use our newly honed investigative skills to piece together the past.

What led to the War of the Roses? Who was Henry VIII (was he evil or just flawed? Was he a supreme monarch or a serial murderer?)? Who were his wives and why did their stories unfold the way they did? Far from re-telling a story, this question-led topic takes an intriguing path through one of history’s most compelling periods.

Summer 1: Scream Machine

Have you ever wanted to design your own theme park? What theme would you choose? Would you have rides, animals, dinosaurs or all of them? How would you build the rides? What would power them? How would they work? Design and Technology, forces and a lot of creative thinking come to the forefront of our penultimate topic.

Summer 2: Stargazers

To finish the year, we look to the stars and gaze in wonder.

We learn about our moon, our solar system, our galaxy and contemplate our place in this vast universe - via black holes and supernovas. Our writing becomes more cosmic as there are plenty of opportunities for out-of-this-world writing.

Aren’t you forgetting about maths?!

Although we link maths as much as we can with our topics across the year, maths is taught using the support of the White Rose Maths Hub scheme.

This enables us to provide the children with fluency (being able to solve number sentences), word problems (real-life examples of using maths) and reasoning problems (open ended investigations where there aren’t simple, single answers) to promote mastery learning across all areas of mathematics.

Please click on the following: Year 5 Pupil Offer

School Trips

To be confirmed. We’re working on it.

We tried booking tickets to go to Jurassic World for Scream Machine, but apparently it’s broken or something…


Year 5 - Monday and Tuesday.

 Children are to arrive and go home in their PE Kits on these days.


We give homework out for Maths and English once a week on Wednesdays.

Each piece is designed to consolidate the children’s learning from that week, or to give them the chance to independently apply a skill they’ve been developing. Each piece of work should take no longer than half an hour each to complete and is due in on Monday of the following week.