West Hill Primary School

Thirst for Learning Awards

Our Thirst for Learning Assemblies celebrate the achievements of pupils who have really made an effort with their work or have simply been a great role model to others.

The following pupils have made a real impact in school :

Year 1 : Sidney 1D and Ben 1C

Year 2 : Phoebe 2J

Year 3: Kiara 3R, Nate 3GL, Harry 3R, Daisy 3R, Emily 3GL

Year 4: Joshua 4S, Matthew 4N, Ava-Renae 4P, William 4S, Chloe 4N, Finnley-James 4S

Year 5: Jak-Lee 5PH, Maddison 5P, Callie 5PH, Bethany 5P

Year 6: Archie 6G, Aimee 6J, Madison 6G, Dylan 6J