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Sport Premium Funding

Evaluation and Impact of Sport Premium Money
April 2015 - January 2016

Priority Area Amount Spent Impact Seen
Progressive Sport
Summer 1
Summer 2
Autumn 1
Autumn 2 
£840.00 3 clubs were partially funded by Progressive Sports.  1 KS1 and 2 KS2 clubs.
(Parental income towards after-school clubs -£4154.)
West Midlands Sport Development
Summer 1
Summer 2
Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Spring 1 
£210.00 West Midlands Sport Development run KS1 football club.
G. Slater Table Tennis Club £187.26 Key Stage 2 after school club. Offering a range of sports for children to access. No charge for this club as its offered by school staff.
Resources to support EYFS Yoga Club £47.46 Children selected for the club to aid their social, emotional development.
Resources to support EYFS Multi-Skills Club £353.58 EYFS sport club. No charge for this club as it’s offered by school staff.
Maypole Club - Stars Academy £100.00 Club finished in July 2015. Coordinator looking into additional opportunities for dance and gymnastic club following pupil voice.
Progressive Sport Lunchtime Provision
Autumn 1
Autumn 2 
£1050.00 Providing additional lunch time activities across school (Y1/2 Monday,  Y3 Tues, Y4 Wednesday, Y5 Thursday, Y6 Friday)
Dinner staff and teaching staff reporting a reduced number of behaviour incidents occurring at lunchtimes. A range of children able to access the activities throughout the week.
Resources to support Active Lunchtimes in Year 5/6 £430.05 Due to be introduced January 2016.
Transport and teacher cover for tournaments:
Tag Rugby competition Y5/6 Oct 2015
Change for Life Festival Y 3/4 Nov 2015
Sport hall Athletics Y5/6 Dec 2015
Tri-Golf Festival Yr 3/4  June 2015
£92.00 Key Stage 2 Children given inter-school competition opportunities.
Raising the profile of competitive sports in school.
Year 5/6 Children given intra-school competition opportunities.
Year 5/6 Intra-School Competition December 2015. £125.00
NQT 3 day P.E Course including cover £325 CPD for NQT showing a keen interest in leadership of P.E. Information shared with colleagues leading to improved quality of teaching and learning in P.E
Cover for PE leader. (June 2015) £165 PE leader attended the Entrust PE conference full day.
Year Team Teaching Handball Sessions £270.00 PE leaders and Year 2 CPD in Handball as an additional sport in KS1 to support the games curriculum.
Early Years Tennis Whizz Course delivered through Progressive Sport
Autumn Term (October - December 2015) £325.00 Early years children had a 6 week course and tennis lessons through story telling. Staff observed and supported the delivery with a view to leading subsequent sessions.
Curriculum Enrichment - Shakespearian Dance/ Maypole Dancing
Y2 and Y5/6 £160.00 Activities to support Curriculum Enrichment Week July 2015.
Primary Dance Workshops Y2/Y3 Shakespeare Dancing £399.00
Curriculum Enrichment - Rugby World Cup competition day - Whole School £306.00 Links made with Rugby World Cup, providing additional opportunities for children to access a variety of sports.
EYFS PE resources £353.58
Sports Day Trophy and Medals £67.45
Whole School PE Resources £140.81 

Summary of Spending

Supply Agency Staff £1011.42
Educational Materials/Resources £1570.30
Training Course Costs £325.00
Alternative Educational Schemes £10,041.60
Parental income towards after-school clubs -£4154.00
BALANCE £6705.68